Who do you consider an ideal candidate for weight loss surgery?

The ideal candidate is between 25 and 55 years of age. They weigh 200 to 330 pounds and have some issues related to their body weight (medical condition, body image, reduced mobility). They have a dedicated family member or support person to help them through the process.

What type of payments do you accept for surgery?

Most patients go through private insurance or self-pay. Because we are affordable, some patients pay up front and then negotiate with their insurance company afterwards.

What are the basic requirements for preoperative preparation?

Patients must have a documented appointment with a mental health professional and dietician before surgery. They must have documented evidence of failed medical weight loss with their primary care provider and undergo a radiology study of their esophagus and stomach (upper GI).

Do I need to travel to Cañon City and visit with you prior to surgery ?

The initial consultation can be in person or by Zoom. Your immediate preoperative appointment one week prior to surgery is in person with your support person.

Are there any finance options available for self-pay patients?

Yes, Care Credit is available to all patients based on their credit score. Dr. Timothy Brown, M.D. also has medical financing with a local bank at a competitive rate.

What are the weight loss related procedures you perform at your surgery center?

Most patients have a sleeve gastrectomy performed. Some patients will need their Lap-Band removed for complications related to the device. A few patients with a pre-existing sleeve gastrectomy will need it enhanced with an intestinal bypass.

Can you help me with the care of a Lap-Band I currently have?

Yes, Dr. Timothy Brown, M.D. would be happy to see you in the office to adjust the Lap-Band or arrange for surgical removal if necessary.

I have had a sleeve gastrectomy in the past and am now regaining weight. Can you help me?

Yes. Many patients will respond to intensive medical weight loss and not require surgery. Some may require surgical enhancement of their sleeve, and this can be performed at our local surgery center.

What are the essential elements of long-term care after a sleeve gastrectomy?

The three essential elements include a medical diet, appropriate vitamin supplementation, and moderate exercise. Lifelong follow up through Dr. Timothy Brown, M.D. is encouraged.

Are there any other surgeries or procedures you perform for your weight loss patients?

Yes. Dr. Timothy Brown, M.D. provides comprehensive general surgery and endoscopic (upper endoscopy and colonoscopy) services to his patients.

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